Writing in January . . .

We are still waiting for the longexpected Baby Brown. And Baby really should arrive soon. Really. So, I’m taking this opportunity to say what might be obvious: given Baby’s birth, my writing routines are going to look very different this month. Here’s what to look for:

  • A post which I wrote a few weeks ago for Antler is now available: Writing in the Wake.  It’s about integrating my writing with my faith and ministry, and describes the way our community is helping me write Practicing the Truth.
  • I’m working on a review of the new book The Life of the Body by Valerie Hess and Lane Arnold, which I hope to share within a week or two.
  • This month I’ll also have a few guest posts here, starting with a post from my friend Jen Pelling about the ways having a child turns life upside-down, just like the way Jesus does.
  • And someday there will be a post announcing our child’s birth, followed later by reflections on how my life is being turned upside-down this month, as well. Stay tuned.
  1. Sarah Louise said:

    Was just thinking that you probably had a baby in arms right about now. I’ll stay tuned.

  2. Happy New Year, Christopher! Just read ‘Writing in the Wake’. It’s a great inspirational piece for all writers who are trying to integrate their writing with their faith and ministry. I like your approach to scheduled time, prayer and ritual. I also love how you invited your community to participate in the writing process of ‘Practicing the Truth’. Continued blessings on your writing….and, of course, on the upcoming arrival of baby Brown! Here’s to a new year filled with an abundance of graces for you and your family. 🙂

    • Thank you Isabella. As you wrote that comment, Eileen was in labor. That afternoon we met Baby Brown, now Rebekah Catherine Brown! Blessings to you in the New Year as well!

      • Love, joy, and many blessings to you, Christopher, Eileen and wee Rebekah Catherine!!! What a beautiful name! Next month, my first born will be celebrating his 30th birthday. I still remember his birth day as if it was yesterday. What a gift parenthood is….especially when it is done with faith in God and deep love for each other. Go gently…and enjoy each and every moment. 🙂

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