Monthly Archives: March 2011

 On this past Sunday I ran 15 miles.  That’s the most I’ve ever run in my life.   In exactly two months, though, I’ll be running 26.2 in the Pittsburgh Marathon.  I’ve been training for about 9 weeks, in which I’ve run over 300 miles total.  And I am tired.  Running takes up 10 to 15 hours per week for me now, which has left little free time for other things (such as blogging).  Eileen’s been training for the half-marathon, too, and is also feeling the tiredness and watching her free time evaporate.

So why are we doing this?  Partially for the joy and challenge simply completing a marathon.  But we’re running for more than that, too.  As I’ve written about before here, we’re running with a team from Upper Room to raise money for Team World Vision.  The funds we raise will provide money for clean water wells in Kenya and Ethiopia, countries where lack of access to clean water has a profound impact on human life.  To get an idea of just what that impact looks like, read In Sabina’s Shoes from World Vision Magazine.

The tiredness that we feel from training for the marathon is nothing compared to the weariness that Sabina’s exhausting workload produces. Even at the end of the race, our shoes will be more comfortable than hers.  But as the postscript to the article shows, water projects initiated by World Vision are providing relief of that workload for women like Sabina, giving them opportunities for education, better nutrition, and more time with their families. The money we raise by running in the marathon will go directly to support projects such as these.  Please consider supporting us.  Just visit Upper Room’s Team Page and click “Support Our Team”.  Then spread the word about Sabina’s story and the great work World Vision is doing to support women like her.