The Work Will Teach You

There’s a new fortune cookie fortune taped to the register at the cafe: “The work will teach you how to do it.” I like that. The learning comes through the process of the work.

It’s been a roller coaster week for church-planting emotions. I’ve been able to spend quality time with several members of Upper Room. And there have been a number of other encouraging ministry moments this week. But in the center of the week was our annual meeting with the commission that approves our grants and oversees our work. It was challenging. . . . Suffice it to say, great things are happening at Upper Room, but we need to grow or adapt in order to become sustainable once we’re weaned off the grants. And that’s intimidating when you aren’t quite sure how to grow or adapt.

Personally, I often feel like I know what needs to happen in ministry, but not how to make it happen. I can picture the desired outcome, but there’s no instruction book to go with the picture on the box. But that’s part of living by faith: trusting that what God has promised will come about, even if the steps in the process are unclear. Or the process itself keeps changing. For those walking by faith, the Spirit teaches us how to do the work, through the process of doing the work. Right?

  1. Doug said:

    Hi Chris– Yes, I think they say, “writers write,” and so I guess church planters plant. We learn through the process of doing the work. I would say, yes. Will you be attending the conference in St. Pete next month? Peace, Doug

    • Chris Brown said:

      Thanks Doug. Yes, Mike and I will be there. Looking forward to seeing you!

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