Let Your Spirit Fall

To celebrate Pentecost at Upper Room yesterday, we did not have a sermon.  Instead we had a time where people created and presented various forms of art and shared testimonies of God’s recent work in their lives.  I’m not a visual artist, but I do like to play with words, so I wrote this poem after meditating on the lectionary passages for Pentecost. 

Let Your Spirit Fall

Let Your Spirit fall

and thaw our numb-tongued gospel-mute mouths
inspire the elation of proclamation of grace
replace salt-water springs with what living water brings
and sing “Beloved of the Lord!” and “Abba, Father!”
within the depths of souls made whole by your healing touch
speak the unconceivable gospel until we believe enough to
proclaim the news entrusted to us. sustain our submission
to Your mission and give visions of
Your Kingdom coming in suffering glory

Let Your Spirit pour

and cause our eyes to cry streams of baptismal tears
sins and fears washed away in the torrents of Your loving flood
inspire holiness more than this complacence
holiness overflowing this space and holiness
showing this world our hearts melting in obedience to You

Let Your Spirit flame

melt our hearts like wax to be sealed with the sign of the cross
let us not fear loss but be saved through fire when You look
upon this trembling smoking earth. Burn our worship like incense
before heaven’s throne, pleasing to the One alone
who is worthy to be called a consuming fire
and who can set us all aflame

Let Your Spirit breathe

life into these mortal bodies, these cracked clay jars
burnt ashes and scars. Renew the face of the ground,
this dust You found lifeless, restore to life this body
of death. Let Your wind rush into our temples
to turn over our tables with the hurricane force
of Your might, groan Your unutterable prayers
in our deepest layers with sighs too deep for words
and intercede for Your mercy to fall upon us.
with each breath, each heartbeat crying to Jesus
have mercy on us. have mercy on us. have mercy on us.

Let Your Spirit shine

and open our eyes to gleams of the unseen, visions and dreams
from the Spirit of the King whose reign is above all things
inspire sons and daughters to prophesy of all of thy
mighty deeds, all thy healing brings, all the light of the King

Let Your Spirit consecrate

create Church in this space, Your people here in this place have come to see the face of the Father. Show us the Father! Show us the Son! Spirit, show us the Father, the Son, and You O Three in One! Show us the cross where the victory was won! Show us the body and blood of the Son! Show us conversion and new life begun! Show us the grave empty and the light of the sun
                rising on a new day, the true and living way where everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.


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