Ever Wanted to Go to Church in a Bar?

That’s one way that I’ve been inviting people to join Upper Room for Easter.  Our 11am service this Sunday will actually be held next door to our current worship space.  And by next door we mean at PD’s Pub.   We’re doing this because we’re already running out of space at our current location.  It’s a good problem to have.  This past Sunday – with half-a-dozen of our core people gone – we had a full house.  Anticipating more people for Easter, we decided to rent out the bar next door so that we have enough space.  So, if you’re in Pittsburgh and have ever wanted to go to church in a bar, now’s your chance.

Upper Room’s  full  holy week schedule is up on our website.  In addition to the 11am service at PD’s on Sunday, we’ll have an early morning sunrise service of songs and scripture readings at 6:30 in Frick Park.  Tomorrow night we’ll have a Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 at 5828 Forward, including a meal.  And Friday we’ll join our partner churches House of Manna and Hot Metal Bridge for prayer in the streets of Homewood and an evening Good Friday service.


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