A Cross-Cultural Reading List

In 2010 I’m setting a goal of reading books outside my cultural comfort zone, so I’ve compiled this reading list to help me accomplish this.  Because I’m a pastor, some of the books are theology books (Cone, Villafañe).  Others are fiction or narrative which relate immigrant or international life experience.  Some of the recommendations listed below were gleaned from the recommended reading list at the end of Soong-Chan Rah’s The Next Evangelicalism.  Other selections are books that have been sitting on my shelves unread or uncompleted for too long.  I’ve whittled the list down to 14 because I’ll still be reading other books during this time, and I think that finishing at least one of these books per month and blogging about it is an ambitious enough goal.  That said, I’m open to more suggestions, so please pass along any recommendations for similar books.


Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe

The Namesake – Jhumpa Lahiri

Native Speaker – Chang Rae Lee

Church/Theology Related:

Divided By Faith – Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith

United by Faith  – Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Michael O Emerson, George Yancey, and Karen Chai Kim

The Liberating Spirit – Eldin Villafañe

Living in Color – Randy Woodley

The Resurrection of Jesus: A Jewish Perspective – Pinchas Lapide 

The New Global Mission–  Samuel Escobar

The Spirituals and The Blues – James Cone

The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway

Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity – Edward Gilbreath


The Color of Wealth by Meizhu Lui, Barbara Robles, and Betsy Leondar-Wright

Race Matters – Cornel West


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