Upper Room’s New Location

Changes are coming to Squirrel Hill.  Some of these changes are good, and some are bad.  But I’m especially pleased about one change that we’re announcing this week:  In November, The Upper Room will be moving to a new space at 5828 Forward Ave! 


IMG00063In this picture, it’s the building between the movie theater (on the right) and PD’s Pub (on the left).  We’ll have two floors – one to use as a gathering area and the other for an office.  Among other things, this means we’re looking for furniture donations.  We are especially in need of office furniture and seating of all shapes and (most) sizes- chairs, couches, pews, bean bags, large pillows, etc. If you have any furniture to donate, or know someone else who might, please email Mike.  Keep us in your prayers, too, especially praying that we’ll be able to develop good relationships with our new neighbors.  More information will follow soon on the church website.

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