Formation House

I’ve been posting a lot recently about interesting programs my friends are starting in Pittsburgh, such as the World Christian Discipleship Program  and the class on the Church Fathers that my friends Matt and Tim are teaching. Continuing in the theme of exciting new things God is doing in Pittsburgh, this is a plug for the Formation House, which is starting in North Point Breeze.   Karen Sloan will be the “prior” of the House, a new-monastic style intentional community focused around a rhythm of prayer, work in local non-profit/service fields, and community life.  The goals of the program for its participants are summed up in four “D” words: to Discern a sense of call or direction in life, to grow in Discipleship, to Develop in both a personal and professional way, and to Disperse at the end of the year as a community sent out to follow their calling in the world.  For more details, click here.

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