Surprise Testimony to Hope

Three nights ago, while at work at 61C Cafe, I stumbled across a beautiful testimony to hope.  While straightening up the shelves where people leave fliers and advertisements and picking up old newspapers, I found a copy of the Squirrel Hill Magazine with a hand-written message on it in blue ink.  This is what it read: 

I’m so thankful for this life.  I was blessed with such a great life. I hate how often I find myself whining incessantly, yearning for something different.  I love where I am in life and who I’m with and what my purpose is.  I wish I would have come to this realization earlier so I would have shared it with more people.  Suicide should never be an option and I’m disgusted that I ever thought it could be my escape.  I love life. I LOVE LIFE! I love life, and I love you!  Thank you.  Thank you God for blessing me with life.

How amazing is this?!  First of all, praise God that this person found the joy in life in that moment  to want to stay alive.  It reminds me of the Kate Hurley song “Tree Branch”.  In the song, she describes the depression she feels when looking at a blooming tree and realizing that it doesn’t move her as it once did.  Then she sings “I’ll tie a rope and make a swing, and I’ll fly high and wide.  I’ll laugh and throw my head back, and choose to be alive.”  Whether s/he knows it or not, I believe this note about choosing to be alive , left on a random magazine cover, is a testimony to new life in Christ.  

Second of all, notice how anonymous the message is:  There’s no reference to anyone by name, place, or even gender.  As Eileen pointed out, it’s a bit like PostSecret, a random confession, written in a medium accessible to strangers, but (perhaps) not in a way that’s accessible to a person’s most intimate relationships.  Perhaps this person felt the need to express that joy, but how much richer would it have been if expressed into community?  Who will celebrate with this person?  Who will confirm that it is God who loves and sustains them?

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  1. mikegehrling said:

    You acknowledge this in your parenthesis, but there’s just as good of a chance that this person has shared her joy with a community. Hopefully s/he has. I think it’s also important to acknowledge why this person wrote the note in the way s/he did. S/he clearly wanted to share her/his joy with others, and I suspect with others who are going through what s/he had. Maybe you’ve already done this, but I hope you put that copy of Squirrel Hill Magazine back on the shelf at 61c for someone else to find.

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