Election Day

I’m voting today.  But I’m doing so with a number of disclaimers.  Perhaps enough disclaimers to make one wonder why I would vote.  And in fact, I considered not voting.  Derek Webb wrote a short piece about weighing these decisions for Patrol Magazine, which is worth reading.  (You should also go here and download his cd Mockingbird for free if you don’t already have it – this is a special re-release for the election, free for one week.)  Webb sums up his point clearly: “if your conscience is seriously conflicted over both candidates, you are at liberty to not vote.”   Having prayerfully considered issues and candidates, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will vote today, but these considerations in mind:

  • I vote within the freedom of my own conscience.
  • I vote understanding that no candidate represents totally the values of the Kingdom of God.
  • I refuse to be a “one-issue voter” or to follow any “party line”.
  • My conscience allows me not to be a one-issue voter because I believe it is possible for a certain candidate to more effectively remedy certain issues than another who claims to have the right view on such issues.  
  • I do not believe it is a Christian obligation either to vote or not to vote.
  • I know other Christians who will vote (or not vote) today in ways differently than I do.  This does not make any of us “more Christian” than the others.
  • I believe God is sovereign and pray that God’s will would be done regardless of the ballot I cast. 

And off to the polls I go . . . Lord have mercy.


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