Five Reasons Why I Love my New Job . . .

I’m now at the end of my second week of working part-time for a great coffee shop in Sq. Hill.  Tonight will be my fifth shift and I’m looking forward to it for a number of reasons.  Here are five of them.

  1. Tips! –  Thank you to generous customers who tip when the receive a good drink.  On Tuesday, I even made enough in tips to buy a growler of East End Pedal Pale Ale to share with the OD men’s group.
  2. Music – in what other coffee shop would I have the freedom to bring my own music?  If you come by tonight, I’m planning on bringing a mix of Derek Webb, Blackthorn Project, and a few other similar artists.
  3. People – I love my coworkers.  I love the customers.  There’s definitely a feeling of community present amongst the staff and the patrons.  I can’t wait to get to know them all better.
  4. Simplicity – Things are so much simpler here than at the chain I worked at in Boulder before moving to Pittsburgh.   No uniforms, no thermometers, no complicated computer system to mess with – just good coffee and a much stronger sense of community.  And, I don’t think I will ever cease to be impressed by the resourcefulness of Keith (the manager).
  5. Coffee – We serve good coffee, some of which is even fair-trade, like the Rwandan brew I’ve been enjoying every time I go in.  Praise God for coffee! 

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