Pray for the Persecuted in Orissa

Watch this video about the persecution of Dalit Christians that’s taking place in Orissa, India right now.

Mike forwarded me an email about this last week.  In that email, it suggested that 5,000 people were now in a refugee camp outside of Orissa, having fled the persecution.  Roughly the same number was estimated to still  be hiding in the jungle between their villages and the refugee camps.  Fore information, see this article from Christianity Today and this thoughtful reflection on persecution by Michael Spencer. (Thanks Jordan for pointing me toward InternetMonk.) 

What can we as privileged, secure Christians in the West do when we hear about this?  The first answer I can think of is simply to pray.  On Sunday at Open Door Eileen and I led the song “Never Again” from the newest Enter The Worship Circle cd, singing it as a prayer for those experiencing persecution like this: “Wake up God, move Yourself.  Wicked men crush Your children. . . . We pray, we wait.  How long until You say ‘Never Again!'”  Keep them in your prayers . . .

9-10 UPDATE: Watch this video from Gospel for Asia for more background on the attacks.

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