Good NCD News

A lot of things have happened over the past two weeks that are worthy noting in a quick update on the church-plant.  First, we heard that our grant application was approved by the Presbytery’s NCD Commission.  Then we heard that the Committee on Ministry approved the commission’s recommendation to call Mike and myself as organizing co-pastors.  Mike’s planning his ordination for later this month, and I’m planning mine for early November, when I’ll be travelling back to Colorado for a Company of New Pastors retreat. 

Even with all that good news, it didn’t sink in to me that “this is really happening!” until later in the week.  On Thursday night we had our first gathering of the seed-group for the church-plant.  Munching on an assortment of snacks Eileen prepared, we spent the evening conversing, getting to know each other, and praying together.  Our next gathering is this Thursday, when we’re going to begin talking more about the vision for the church and start working our way through Luke-Acts together. 

Capping off a great week, I found out Saturday that I have a new job making coffee at one of the coolest coffee shops in Squirrel Hill: 61C Cafe.  My first shift is tomorrow and I can’t wait to get to know the staff and customers better.  While I will dearly miss the staff in the Dean’s Wing at PTS, I’m excited to be working a job in the community where we’ll be living and ministering, and am grateful to have been placed in such a fun position.


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