Monthly Archives: June 2008

Eileen and I returned from our vacation last week and immediately found ourselves in the thick of moving and preparing work for the church-plant.  I’ll post more on our vacation, the move, my thoughts on GA, and what God’s been doing in my life sometime soon, but there’s a lot going on with the church-plant which is consuming this week.  Please keep these several things in your prayers this week:

  • Our move from Garfield to Squirrel Hill. (Moving always stresses me out and we’re packing and moving all while the things listed below are going on . . .)
  • Tuesday night, July 1st, we’re having a informational meeting where leaders from other churches in the neighborhood can come hear about our vision for the new congregation.  We hope to convey that we’re not here to compete or to play “sheep-stealing” games, but that we’re seeking to reach a different, currently unreached demographic of young adults, ethnic minorities, and immigrants in the neighborhood.  Please pray that people will be understanding, receptive, and open.  I personally hope that this will be the beginning of relationships which create opportunities for cooperation in mission and worship.
  • Wednesday, July 2nd, we meet with the NCD commission of the presbytery to present our strategy for achieving our vision and to turn in a grant application.  Yes, to turn in a grant application.
  • Thursday, July 3rd, we have the first of a series of dinner parties for people who are interested in joining or supporting the new congregation.  Free globally-themed food, an explanation of our vision, fun conversation.   Want to come? Comment on this post or email me.

Somewhere in here I’m also supposed to return to work in the Admissions office at the seminary . . . I should check on that again . . . 

Again, prayers are appreciated!