NCD Update 2

Our meeting with the Presbytery’s NCD Commission went well yesterday.  Michael and I presented for about 25 minutes about our vision and told the whole story of how we’ve felt God calling us to this point.  Most of the committee responded well – only person seemed lukewarm and she was the only one who hadn’t had time to read our paperwork in advance.  The next steps are pretty clear (1) Michael and I need to talk to the other Presbyterian church in the neighborhood we’re targeting.  We’ve already tried to contact their pastor a couple times, but with the busyness of holy week weren’t able to connect.  (2) After that, we can start contacting other churches about support, both in terms of people and finances.   (3) As another way of getting the word out, our dreams may be mentioned at the next Presbytery meeting.  (4) Our next meeting with the Commission will be sometime in the summer, when we’ll turn in grant applications and formally request official funding.  In the meantime, we’re free to continue conversations with Open Door (the next one is tonight, actually) and the Korean Church, and to start gathering people to form the core seed group for the new congregation.  We’re also gathering people to be on a prayer-team for us.  These people will commit to pray regularly for the new church and for us as leaders.  It will be a few weeks before we start sending out updates and prayer requests, but if you’d like to be included, just let me know. 


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