Monthly Archives: August 2006

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1 TNIV

Last night Eileen and I met our two new roommates, who together bring the house total to six, or five and a half. Explanation: Oliver, a longtime friend of Kendall with only two classes left in a Masters program here is going to be staying at the house from Sundays through Wednesdays, while commuting home to New York state to be with his wife of one year during the rest of the week. Since he’s only living there half the time for half the year, we jokingly say he’s half a housemate. Allison, a friend of Jen from her college ministry years with CCO at Chatham, will be living there all the time, having just finished Mission Year in Oakland, California. Together the six of us will be living in community, sharing the house, our possessions, and all the joys and trials of life in the coming year.

Before going to sleep late last night, the six of us gathered downstairs in the living room and spent close to half an hour praying for each other and for the house. Looking around the room at every different face, I knew that this was one more reason why God brought us to Pittsburgh. The connection with our housemates that I felt last night while we prayed was strikingly similar to the feeling I had when Jonathan and Michael and I gathered for prayer every night of our summer in Thailand. Praise God for the gift of brothers and sisters who are passionate about living out their faith together! I look forward to the adventures that are ahead of us!